Ambassades Duitsland en Frankrijk

Uitnodiging van de Duitse en Franse Ambassadeurs
voor een paneldiscussie

Elysée Treaty: 60th Anniversary
The Impact and Potential of Franco-German Cooperation for the Netherlands

At the occasion of 60 years of Elysée Treaty we have the honour of inviting you to a panel discussion on Thursday, 19 January 2023, at 14:00hrs in Huis Schuylenburg, Lange Vijverberg 8, 2513 AC The Hague.

The Elysée Treaty marks a milestone in European history. It laid the foundation for further European integration and close bilateral cooperation. The 60th anniversary is a moment of celebration and reflection. What are the implications of Franco-German cooperation for our neighbour the Netherlands in a post-Brexit EU and beyond? How can the Netherlands benefit? And what can it bring to the table? Panelists Caroline de Gruyter, Géraldine Schwarz and Hanco Jürgens will discuss these issues from a Dutch, French, German and European perspective.

Sincerely, H.E. Mr. Cyrill Jean Nunn H.E. Mr. François Alabrune

Caroline de Gruyter
 is a journalist and lecturer based in Brussels. She is a European Affairs correspondent and columnist for the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad and a columnist for Foreign Policy, De Standaard and EUobserver. Her latest book Beter wordt het niet, about the lessons today’s Europe can learn from the Habsburg Empire, became a bestseller in the Netherlands and was translated into German, French and Swedish.

Géraldine Schwarz is a German French journalist, author, and documentary filmmaker and former correspondent for the news agency AFP. Her book Those who forget was translated into twelve languages and received the European Book Prize and the Winfried Prize for International Understanding.

Hanco Jürgens is a researcher and member of staff at the Institute for German Studies at the University of Amsterdam and a fellow of the Montesquieu Institute in The Hague. He is a frequent commentator of German politics and European affairs in Dutch media formats such as Met het Oog op Morgen, VPRO Bureau Buitenland, Nieuwsuur and EenVandaag.



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Aanmelding: verplicht

donderdag 19 januari 2023
14:00 uur (deur open om 13:30 uur)
Huys Schuylenburch
Lange Vijverberg 8
2513 AC Den Haag
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